Bringts - Redefining Liquor Delivery in Switzerland

Bringts wanted to increase online visibility and generate more sales through a combined approach of Google Ads and SEO.

We Achieved


Bringts, a leading liquor brand catering to customers in Switzerland, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way liquor is delivered to consumers. With a commitment to exceptional quality and convenience, Bringts aimed to become the go-to platform for liquor enthusiasts seeking a wide selection of premium beverages delivered right to their doorstep. This case study explores the key highlights, scope, challenges, solutions, optimization strategies, and the impressive results achieved through our partnership with Bringts.

Key Highlights

Extensive Liquor Collection

Bringts boasted an extensive collection of premium liquors, ranging from classic spirits to exclusive wine selections, ensuring a diverse range of choices for customers.

Swift and Reliable Delivery

The brand's standout feature was its fast and reliable delivery service, ensuring customers received their favorite liquors promptly, without compromising on quality.

Seamless Online Platform

The website ( served as an intuitive and user-friendly platform, allowing customers to browse, select, and order their desired beverages effortlessly.


Bringts presented us with the following objectives

Market Penetration

Expand Bringts' market reach and establish the platform as a leading liquor delivery service provider throughout Switzerland.

Customer Acquisition

Attract new customers, converting them into loyal patrons by offering a convenient and seamless liquor shopping experience.

Delivery Efficiency

Optimize the delivery process to ensure swift and error-free deliveries, meeting customer expectations consistently.


Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to Switzerland's strict liquor regulations and ensuring all deliveries were made in accordance with the law posed a significant challenge.

Brand Awareness

Overcoming competition and gaining visibility in a saturated liquor market required strategic marketing efforts.

Delivery Logistics

Ensuring efficient delivery logistics, especially during peak times, was crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction.


To address the challenges and fulfill Bringts’ objectives, we implemented the following solutions

Regulatory Expertise

Developing an in-depth understanding of Switzerland's liquor regulations and ensuring strict compliance at all stages of the delivery process.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Deploying targeted digital marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness, engage with potential customers, and drive website traffic.

Streamlined Order Processing

Implementing an efficient order processing system to handle delivery demands swiftly and accurately.

Customer Engagement Initiatives

Engaging customers through personalized email campaigns, loyalty programs, and special promotions to foster brand loyalty.

Optimization Strategies

Geo-Targeted Advertising

Utilizing geo-targeted advertising to reach customers in specific regions, tailoring promotions based on their preferences.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Introducing real-time order tracking to keep customers informed about their delivery status, improving transparency and customer satisfaction.

Customer Feedback Integration

Encouraging customer feedback and integrating it into continuous improvement efforts to enhance service quality.


The collaborative efforts between Bringts and our team yielded impressive results

200% Increase in Monthly Orders

The strategic digital marketing efforts and customer engagement initiatives contributed to a substantial surge in monthly order volumes.

Customer Retention Rate of 80%

The personalized email campaigns and loyalty programs successfully fostered brand loyalty, leading to a high customer retention rate.

Efficient Delivery Handling

The optimized order processing and delivery logistics resulted in efficient and timely deliveries, earning positive reviews from satisfied customers.


Through a combination of regulatory expertise, strategic marketing, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Bringts successfully disrupted the liquor delivery market in Switzerland. As the brand continues to evolve and optimize its operations, Bringts remains committed to offering an unparalleled liquor shopping experience, raising the spirits of liquor enthusiasts across the country, one swift and delightful delivery at a time.

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